Alsco EVs

Together with Sea Electric and Alsco we have produced the nation’s first inter-city ‘Heavy EV’. Using our light weight composite design, curved shaped roof and smooth skirts - we could reduce overall drag co-efficients and extend the range of the EV to 200kms. Alsco’s long-term objective is to replace all 15 of their diesel freighters with Evs. And with their new SEA delivery vans are another step closer to their goal of converting one-third of their fleet to EV by 2030

The Challenge

  1. RANGE



    The light weight composite design has produced regular fuel savings of 5-7% in similar vehicles. The truck body is designed with a curved aerodynamically shaped roof, reducing down force, which in turn reduces drag. Side skirts also smooth airflow to reduce drag. The Freighter has achieved a laden range of 200kms.

  2. Viability



    Despite a higher investment for a Heavy EV compared to a diesel equivalent. Alsco have found, due to a swift payback on operational expense, operational savings justify the higher capital expense by recouping the additional investment in less than 6 months, thereafter providing a consistent financial advantage over a similarly tasked diesel.

  3. Strong Partnerships in Action


    Strong Partnerships in Action

    From concept to delivery, our team of 200, together with our expert partners, work towards one goal – paving your road to success. Alsco, Action, and SEA Electric have worked jointly to create an ideal commercial vehicle solution for Alsco’s operations. What can we create for you?


The Solution

The Alsco Heavy EV Freighter replaces a diesel predecessor, saving an estimated 67 tonnes of carbon emissions yearly. The importance of reducing emissions presents a huge opportunity and driving force for innovations. Our award-winning team relishes a challenge.

 A game-changer. It is an exciting step for Alsco, and for the heavy transport industry.

Mark Roberts, Alsco NZ Group General Manager