We create the wish list and design-out problems so that you deliver service more efficiently, operate more safely and travel in greater comfort and style. With enviable storage capacity, a large payload and adjustable fold-away shelving, our PDV delivers advantages to your business.

The Challenge

  1. Innovations to Accessibility


    Innovations to Accessibility

    Touch entry, cab access, rear and side exits make for an optimised workflow. For an increasingly competitive final-mile context every efficiency is key to stay profitable.

  2. Cost Savings


    Cost Savings

    Efficiency is key to running a successful business, by maximising the amount of usable space people can safely deliver a greater payload. Our engineers do the math to deliver you a fully optimised storage solution. Whether you opt for a curved, or flat-roof, our body design should see a minimum of 7% fuel savings.

  3. Ongoing Support


    Ongoing Support

    Our unique advantage is both scale and flex; a combination of proven volume manufacturing capability, coupled with a well embedded design-led culture and relentless attitude towards quality.

    With a background spanning more than 75 years - we are dedicated to helping our customers grow and succeed and will stand by our partners for years to come.


The Solution

A low floor, side door entry and rear cab access reduces risks and wasted movements. For us the pay-off comes when we deliver outcomes that see our partners set new standards, gain access and grow in new and rapidly evolving markets.

We work in a competitive industry and the team at Action definitely make great fleet partners. Their flexible approach to design means they deliver great value without compromising quality.